DLC Layer-1 Blockchains Garner $158M in a Week -

Layer-1 Blockchains Garner $158M in a Week

In a dynamic and prosperous week for the crypto industry, a total of nine crypto companies have successfully secured an impressive sum of US$158 million in fresh funding. Notably, among these companies, ZetaChain has emerged as a standout performer, solidifying its position with an impressive $27 million capital infusion.

ZetaChain, recognized as a developer in the blockchain space, managed to attract notable participants in its funding round. These participants include prominent entities such as Blockchain.com, Jane Street Capital, Human Capital, Vy Capital, and GSR. The considerable interest from these industry players underscores the growing appeal and potential that ZetaChain holds within the blockchain landscape.

Diving deeper into ZetaChain’s focus, it’s important to highlight its unique proposition. ZetaChain operates as a layer-1 blockchain that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). However, what sets ZetaChain apart is its deliberate avoidance of bridges and wrapped tokens. Instead, the team at ZetaChain is committed to pioneering a future that prioritizes simplicity and interoperability in the crypto realm.

The financial injection and support garnered by ZetaChain symbolize the industry’s recognition of innovative approaches and solutions. As the crypto landscape evolves, projects like ZetaChain contribute to shaping a landscape where seamless interaction and collaboration among various blockchain platforms become the cornerstone of progress.

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