DLC No Price Moon Promised for 5 Incoming Shiba Inu Projects, Team Clarifies -

No Price Moon Promised for 5 Incoming Shiba Inu Projects, Team Clarifies

In a recent update from the Shiba Inu community, Lucie, the Shiba Inu content marketer, shared insights into forthcoming developments within the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Lucie made it clear that these initiatives are not meant to drive price pumps but rather to enhance the ecosystem’s functionality and transparency.

Bone Contract Renunciation: A Market-Focused Move

One of the key initiatives on the horizon is the proposed BONE contract renunciation. Lucie highlighted that this move is market-focused and expected to have a significant impact. Contract renunciation essentially involves relinquishing ownership of the BONE token contract, rendering it a trustless and fully transparent entity.

By renouncing the contract, the issuer loses authority over BONE and forfeits the ability to create additional BONE tokens. It’s worth noting that some have speculated that the absence of contract renunciation may be a reason why major crypto exchanges, such as Binance, have not listed BONE. Despite this, BONE continues to trade on several highly-rated centralized exchanges.

Shibaswap 2.0 and More: Expanding the Ecosystem

Lucie also highlighted Shibaswap 2.0 as a significant milestone for the Shiba Inu community. This forthcoming iteration of Shiba Inu’s decentralized exchange is expected to bring new features and improvements, including support for a wider range of tokens and reduced fees.

In addition to Shibaswap 2.0, Lucie mentioned other Shiba Inu-themed products in the pipeline, such as the TREAT token, Shibahub, and the Metaverse. Notably, she refrained from providing specific launch timelines, stating simply that they would be released “when it’s ready.”

Progress Takes Time and Unity

Lucie emphasized that progress within the Shiba Inu ecosystem is a gradual process and encouraged the community to maintain a positive and collaborative spirit. She stressed that unity and a positive atmosphere are essential for the ecosystem’s continued development.

No Promises of Moon: Technology vs. Market

Addressing the elephant in the room, Lucie drew parallels with the Shibarium project, making it clear that the upcoming developments are intended to strengthen the Shiba Inu ecosystem rather than promise astronomical price gains. She stated, “Are we promising wild moon? No! We’re talking about technology that’s separate from the market.”

However, Lucie also acknowledged the importance of the market within the broader context of development efforts, highlighting the intricate relationship between technological advancements and market dynamics.

This update from Shiba Inu offers valuable insights into the team’s focus on technology and ecosystem growth, emphasizing that their initiatives are designed to build a solid foundation rather than fuel speculative price movements. As the Shiba Inu ecosystem continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these developments shape its future.

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