DLC Shibarium RPC Node Goes Live on NOWNodes -

Shibarium RPC Node Goes Live on NOWNodes

The eagerly anticipated moment has arrived as the Shiba Inu developer community gains access to the long-awaited Shibarium Remote Procedure Call (RPC) node, generously provided by NOWNodes, a prominent blockchain node service provider.

NOWNodes made a significant announcement, revealing that the Shibarium RPC Full Node is now available for public use. In a tweet, the company celebrated this milestone as a new era for the Shiba Inu community.

The NOWNodes team expressed their excitement at successfully unveiling the Shibarium RPC node, emphasizing that this marks the inception of a new phase of productive development endeavors.

It’s worth noting that this deployment comes just a week after NOWNodes issued a clarification regarding the delay in releasing the Shibarium RPC node. As reported by The Crypto Basic, the delay was attributed to the unavailability of crucial files from the Shiba Inu development team.

Shibarium RPC Node Unleashed: “Literally Zero Limits

The Shibarium RPC Full Node, as described by the team, offers software engineers and cryptocurrency firms an unparalleled opportunity to create and innovate on the Shibarium network without constraints. They specifically stated that there are “literally zero limits.

RPC nodes play a pivotal role in a blockchain’s infrastructure by facilitating interactions between external services and the network. They act as bridges, enabling developers to seamlessly send and receive requests to and from the blockchain.

In their release statement, NOWNodes highlighted the benefits of accessing Shiba Inu nodes through their platform. They emphasized that those looking to harness Shibarium gain direct access with the highest security standards, transaction speed, and stability.

The statement underlined

With SHIB RPC nodes, you can enjoy seamless integration of Shibarium Mainnet within your crypto project, power your infrastructure, and be done with node maintenance in less than one hour.

Now that the Shibarium RPC node is operational, NOWNodes is actively solidifying its partnership with Tangem, the Shiba Inu-themed hardware wallet provider. NOWNodes specifically announced its support for Tangem’s integration with Shibarium.

This development signifies a significant step forward for the Shiba Inu ecosystem, enabling developers to explore new horizons and possibilities on the Shibarium network.

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