DLC Pro-XRP Lawyer Teases Major Announcement for the Week Ahead -

Pro-XRP Lawyer Teases Major Announcement for the Week Ahead

In a tantalizing announcement, prominent XRP lawyer John Deaton has piqued the curiosity of the cryptocurrency community by hinting at a significant revelation slated for the upcoming week. Deaton, the founder of Crypto-Law.US and an advocate for XRP holders, took to the X platform to share his intentions, promising a major announcement if all goes according to plan.

Deaton’s announcement is scheduled for Friday, September 22, 2023, provided that everything unfolds as expected. Notably, he clarified that this announcement has no connection to any legal action he might be pursuing against any party at this time. Intriguingly, Deaton has chosen to keep the specifics of this announcement under wraps for the time being, leaving the XRP community and crypto enthusiasts in eager anticipation.

XRP Fans Speculate

As news of John Deaton’s impending announcement spread across the XRP community, speculation began to swirl regarding its content. Given his involvement in the legal proceedings surrounding the SEC v. Ripple Labs lawsuit, some XRP enthusiasts are conjecturing that the announcement could be linked to this ongoing legal battle, possibly hinting at developments in the case or a potential interlocutory appeal.

The SEC has expressed its intention to file an interlocutory appeal in this lawsuit, primarily challenging aspects of the ruling that did not align with its stance. Deaton’s announcement could provide insight into the current state of affairs in this high-profile legal dispute.

Moreover, there is a growing belief within the XRP community that Attorney Deaton’s forthcoming announcement might feature a prominent guest on his Crypto-Law TV weekly show. Speculation has arisen that he may invite a whistleblower to join him, potentially shedding light on critical issues in the cryptocurrency space.

Deaton’s Pursuit of Ethereum Insights

Interestingly, a closer look at John Deaton’s recent Twitter activity suggests that the renowned crypto lawyer is actively working to bring Steven Nerayoff, an early adviser to Ethereum, onto his Crypto-Law TV show. This potential guest is known for making startling allegations concerning the SEC’s historical interactions with Ethereum, with a particular focus on Ethereum’s initial coin offering (ICO).

Nerayoff’s allegations raised questions about possible corruption within the SEC during and after Ethereum’s ICO. He hinted at the difficulty of ascertaining the true number of buyers who participated in the ICO, fueling speculation that certain large players in the crypto space might be concealing their actual positions within the asset class.

These allegations caught the attention of the broader crypto community, with Attorney Deaton actively engaging in the debate. In a tweet dated September 17, Deaton revealed that he had reached out to Nerayoff, inviting him to discuss Ethereum’s ICO on Crypto-Law TV. He underscored his commitment to ask “tough questions” and not provide a free pass on the show, particularly concerning the topic of disguised whales and potential profiteers from Ethereum’s ICO.

Deaton emphasized that he suspected Nerayoff might be among those concealed whales who reaped substantial profits from Ethereum. He pledged not to shy away from this topic during their potential discussion on Crypto-Law TV. Additionally, he mentioned that Nerayoff had presented him with evidence, including emails linked to top Ethereum executives, to support his claims.

John Deaton concluded by expressing his hope to host Steven Nerayoff on Crypto-Law US in the future, making it clear that the conversation would be candid and unvarnished. This intriguing development further adds to the anticipation surrounding Deaton’s upcoming announcement, which could potentially shed light on various facets of the cryptocurrency space. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of what promises to be a momentous revelation in the crypto world.

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