DLC ICO Participant Shifts $9.96 Million in ETH to Kraken Exchange: On-Chain Data Reveals -

ICO Participant Shifts $9.96 Million in ETH to Kraken Exchange: On-Chain Data Reveals

In a remarkable turn of events, an early Ethereum (ETH) investor, who participated in the project’s initial coin offering (ICO) back in 2014, has deposited 6,000 ETH valued at a staggering $9.96 million to the renowned crypto exchange Kraken. This substantial transaction has caught the attention of the crypto community and underscores the remarkable journey of Ethereum from its early days.

Ethereum’s Price Surge

The whale, who acquired 254,908 ETH during Ethereum’s ICO when the cryptocurrency was priced at a mere $0.31, has witnessed an astronomical increase in the value of their investment. With Ethereum currently trading at $1,647 at the time of writing, the 6,000 ETH has surged by an astonishing 531,361% in value over the course of nine years.

Transaction Cost and Holdings

The blockchain-tracking service Etherscan reveals that the deep-pocketed investor paid a modest fee of $2.80 to process the significant ETH deposit. Despite moving a substantial portion of their holdings, the whale still retains a formidable balance of more than 49,070 ETH, which is worth approximately $80.7 million.

Dusting Attacks and Privacy Concerns

Over the past nine years, the investor’s wallet has been the target of numerous small Ethereum deposits, indicative of possible dusting attacks. These attacks involve malicious actors sending minuscule amounts of a cryptocurrency, often referred to as “dust,” to a multitude of personal wallets in an attempt to compromise the privacy of wallet holders.

Large ETH Holders’ Behavior

The cryptocurrency analytics firm Santiment has observed bearish behavior among large Ethereum holders during the second and third quarters of this year. Brian Quinlivan, Santiment’s Director of Marketing, explained that addresses holding between 10 and 10,000 ETH have seen a steady reduction in their holdings over a four-month period.

Quinlivan elaborated on this trend, stating, “They really were accumulating significantly at the end of last year, but profit-taking from these key tiers happened hard and quickly right as the price was hitting around a 1-year high of approximately $2,120.”


The recent deposit of 6,000 ETH by an original Ethereum ICO participant serves as a testament to the incredible value appreciation of this pioneering cryptocurrency. As Ethereum continues to evolve and gain prominence in the digital economy, early supporters like this investor reap the rewards of their long-term commitment to the blockchain revolution. The dynamics of large ETH holders, along with the ever-present challenges of privacy and security, continue to shape the cryptocurrency landscape, making it a subject of fascination for enthusiasts and analysts alike.

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