DLC Deaton’s Long-Awaited ‘Big Announcement’ Finally Revealed: What’s the News? -

Deaton’s Long-Awaited ‘Big Announcement’ Finally Revealed: What’s the News?

Pro-XRP attorney John Deaton, known for his active involvement in the crypto community, has delivered on his promise of a “big announcement.” Less than 48 hours after teasing his followers with hints, Deaton shared three significant developments that have left the crypto world buzzing.

First Announcement: Steven Nerayoff to Join Crypto-Law TV

During a live video session, John Deaton revealed that Steven Nerayoff, an early advisor to the Ethereum network, will make an appearance on Crypto-Law TV as a guest. This announcement is particularly intriguing due to Nerayoff’s recent involvement in a heated debate surrounding Ethereum’s ICO.

Nerayoff had claimed that federal authorities had fabricated a case against him based on his knowledge of Ethereum. He alleged the involvement of high-ranking individuals at the SEC, FBI, Department of Justice, and Ripple in this purported plot. However, earlier this year, authorities dropped the case against him. Deaton hinted that Nerayoff’s appearance on CryptoLaw will shed light on the truth behind his indictment.

Second Announcement: Deaton Joins Spend The Bits

In his second announcement, John Deaton disclosed that he would be joining Spend The Bits, a crypto payment solution powered by the XRP Ledger (XRPL). In the video, Deaton sported a Spend The Bits T-shirt and explained that he had declined numerous offers from various crypto projects in the past. However, he expressed his newfound interest in Spend The Bits, citing the team’s commitment to development.

After productive discussions with the Spend The Bits team, Deaton revealed that he has officially become part of the company, taking on the roles of both investor and Chief Legal Officer (CLO).

Third Announcement: Deaton Launches “Food Stamp Warrior” Book

The third major announcement made by Attorney Deaton was the launch of his book titled “Food Stamp Warrior.” He shared that he has been working on this book since March 2020, a few months before the SEC charged Ripple with offering and selling XRP as an unregistered security.

“Food Stamp Warrior” delves into a range of societal issues, including topics like race and addiction. Deaton described the book as a project that led him to contemplate its publication multiple times due to its sensitive and thought-provoking content.

As John Deaton continues to play a pivotal role in the XRP and crypto communities, these announcements have ignited excitement and anticipation for the revelations, developments, and insights he will bring through Crypto-Law TV, his association with Spend The Bits, and the release of his thought-provoking book, “Food Stamp Warrior.”

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