DLC MetaExpand Launchpad Soars: Record-Breaking $52M Investment on LBank, UMM Listing Unveiled! -

MetaExpand Launchpad Soars: Record-Breaking $52M Investment on LBank, UMM Listing Unveiled!

In a groundbreaking achievement, LBank’s highly anticipated Launchpad event for MetaExpand concluded with a resounding success, amassing an impressive total investment of 52,186,338 USDT from a dedicated community of 35,229 participants. The success story continues as the much-anticipated $UMM token is set to be officially listed on LBank, heralding a new chapter in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Continued Triumph Following $PINS Success

This achievement follows in the footsteps of the previous $PINS Launchpad, which saw an outstanding investment totaling 51,556,343 USDT, marking a phenomenal 2003% increase in value. The success of $PINS not only brought substantial returns for its 34,587 participants but also solidified LBank’s reputation as a pivotal player in the cryptocurrency market.

LBank: A Trailblazer in the Crypto Arena

This year, LBank has emerged as a cornerstone in the cryptocurrency market, commanding a prominent position in spot trading volume and making significant strides in various sectors, including the MEME coin domain, as indicated by the latest market data. With over 9 million global users, LBank continues to offer specialized financial derivatives, expert asset management services, and a secure trading environment, contributing significantly to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Strategically Crafted Participation Rules

The participation rules for $UMM, akin to those of $PINS, were meticulously designed. They focused on a user’s daily average holdings of mainstream coins like BTC, ETH, USDT, and LBK, ensuring fairness and inclusivity. User balances across Spot, Futures, and Earn accounts were monitored diligently, with investment quotas established based on this average. To qualify, users were required to complete at least one trade on LBank within the specified timeframe. These well-thought-out rules have played a pivotal role in boosting platform activity, including spot holdings, contract positions, earn account balances, and transaction volumes.

Anticipation Builds for the $UMM Listing

As excitement builds, the listing details for $UMM have been eagerly anticipated:

Token Distribution Time 28th Sep, 1 PM(UTC)
Trading Time 29th Sep, 6 AM(UTC)
Withdrawal Time 2nd Oct, 6 AM(UTC)

For comprehensive details, interested parties can refer to the official link: [LBank Official Announcement]


Unveiling MetaExpand ($UMM): Shaping the Future of Metaverse

MetaExpand ($UMM) stands as a universal metaverse expansion protocol, bridging the intricate gap between public chains and metaverse applications. Serving as the foundational infrastructure of the metaverse ecosystem, $UMM empowers the development of user-friendly and technologically advanced applications. From storage and communication to privacy, cross-chain capabilities, and seamless transactions, $UMM embodies the future of metaverse technology. Developers can now focus on application innovation, unburdened by the complexities of underlying blockchain technology.

As the cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits the listing of $UMM on LBank, the stage is set for a new era of metaverse development, innovation, and unparalleled opportunities. Stay tuned as the crypto world eagerly embraces this exciting chapter, propelled by LBank’s visionary initiatives and the boundless potential of MetaExpand ($UMM).

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